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About Wide Avenues

Wide Avenues is a storytelling and investigations agency focused on English and local language content out of South America. Our focus is on delivering captivating text and multimedia narratives of the highest quality that hit a home run with mass audiences. Our multilingual professionals have experience at the top levels of international media and are closely connected to the complex realities on the ground.

Whether it be producing a documentary in the heart of the Amazon, tracing an intricate supply chain or illustrating how local tech users are interacting with the latest app, our tailored service in English, Portuguese and Spanish has unrivalled quality and efficiency. We partner with media, creative agencies, NGOs and foundations to fulfill storytelling goals, maintaining a boundary between editorially independent projects and commercial work.

Specialists in the Region

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The core of our work is meeting reality face-to-face and humanizing data that would otherwise be dry and impenetrable.


We provide a seamless high-level output in English, Portuguese and Spanish, always tailored to the right audience.


With many years of experience in video productions in Brazil, we can handle the most ambitious multimedia projects with ease.


Our network of skilled photographers is on hand to capture the complex beauties and realities of the continent.


We find narrative solutions that connect the dots and create empathy and understanding between distant people and places.


Our deep experience with print publications gives us the tools to craft copy which is both simple and powerful.


We dig deep into the intricacies of difficult stories; using advanced tools to reveal complexities that others miss.


Accuracy is critical and fact-checking is the only way to ensure it. Our multilingual team can verify any material to the highest international standards.


Reality is often hidden in data. Our analysts are primed to delve into the most challenging datasets in search of the stories we know are there.

Completed Projects

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    NGO The Donkey Sanctuary

    Chinese demand for donkey hides has threatened millions of the animals across the world. This investigation into the emerging trade in rural Brazil involved in-depth supply chain research and field documentation into the trafficking and slaughter of the animals.

    photo: Alexandre Guzanshe

  • portfolio video work

    AGENCY Cutting Chai Content

    In an ongoing multiyear project, we have managed lead generation and field deployments in Brazil for a series of dozens of lively human stories about innovative uses of a popular mobile app by Brazilian consumers and entrepreneurs.

  • portfolio

    MEDIA TIME Magazine

    A year in the making, our TIME story on the future of the Amazon was published in September 2019, delving deep in the past and present of the world’s largest rainforest. It included breathtaking photography and augmented reality models of the jungle.

    photo: SeeBoundless

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Our core team is composed of multilingual journalists, multimedia specialists and entrepreneurs who can build a bridge between local networks and the overseas market.

Editorial Boundaries

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Wide Avenues is a for-profit storytelling and investigations agency. We maintain a strict boundary between our editorially independent work and paid content and practice full transparency about who has paid for it and on what basis. In our editorially independent work, we respect the highest standards in professional journalistic ethics. We believe a wide client base can help us avoid the influence of a single funder. That said, we do not engage in public relations, or seek to place advocacy in the mainstream media.

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